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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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RTX 3060

Nvidia RTX 30-series GPUs have 30% market share to AMD RX 6000’s 3% in revised Steam survey

Remember when we observed that Nvidia's RTX 3060 was the new Steam Survey king but something fishy was going on? Well, Steam latest numbers...

Save $650 on this 4K OLED gaming laptop from Gigabyte

Update: This laptop sold out after we first highlighted it, but Best Buy appears to have found more stock, so it's back. At the...

Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 (2021) gaming laptop review

You might have noticed an uptick in AMD-powered laptops showing up all over the place, seemingly overnight. The Ryzen 5000H series CPUs steadily overpowering...

Nvidia’s unhackable GeForce RTX 3060 hash rate limiter may not have been hacked after all

Update: The original source of the RTX 3060 cryptocurrency mining image—supposedly evidence of a modified GPU driver—has just now confirmed that actually the algorithm...

Nvidia’s $999 RTX 3060 gaming laptops offer 30 percent higher performance than a PS5

Nvidia has just announced a new generation of Ampere gaming laptops offering twice the power efficiency of previous architectures, but the biggest news is...

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