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G.Skill shows DDR5-8000 kit running on an Intel Core i9 13900K

DDR5 isn't hanging about. The memory standard may still be viewed as being new for the vast majority of us since its introduction to...

It’s a great time for that RAM upgrade you’ve always been thinking about

PC gaming has not been at its most affordable for a very long time, though primarily that's been down to the inflated GPU market...

DDR5 is finally relevant for PC gaming

Memory manufacturer, G.Skill, has just announced the first DDR5 memory sticks with a sub-30 CAS latency. The new DDR5 memory will appear under the...

MSI had to sacrifice everything to hit this 10,004MT/s DDR5 RAM overclock

MSI's own overclocking team has managed to push a single stick of DDR5 over the 5,000MHz barrier to set a new record for RAM...

Windows 11 has a memory leak bug and here’s how to fix it

Windows 11 Insiders have discovered a memory leak in the new operating system's File Explorer. This seems to have carried over for some into...

Linux founder lambastes Intel for ‘pushing shit to consumers’ and not promoting ECC RAM

Linus Torvalds clearly did not make a New Year's resolution to mellow out or soften his criticism of Intel, a company that has been...

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