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Friday, April 12, 2024
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People Can Fly

Uh oh, Bulletstorm studio and Take-Two have an unexpected breakup

People Can Fly began as a Polish studio, still best-known for the bombastic FPS Bulletstorm, before going through various investments and expansions across the...

Outriders’ inventory wipe bug is ‘drastically reduced’ but not yet gone

Square Enix and People Can Fly got crossplay working in Outriders over the weekend, but a planned fix for the nasty bug that's wiping...

Outriders’ crossplay is fixed, but inventory wipes remain

Due to a desynchronization between the code for the PC and console versions of Outriders, the looter-shooter's crossplay hasn't been working for over a...

A nasty Outriders bug is completely wiping inventories

 The nightmare scenario for a loot game has become a reality for some Outriders players. Many on the Outriders subreddit are reporting that their...

Which Outriders class should you choose?

Struggling to choose between the four Outriders classes? Each class has a different feel, so make sure you pick the right one to suit...

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