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Saturday, April 13, 2024
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We’re saved: this ‘Morrowind Removed’ mod gets the Morrowind out of Morrowind

The one thing Morrowind had too much of was Morrowind, and now, thanks to CaffeineSnake over on NexusMods, that problem is solved. First spotted...

Morrowind modder whose kids hate mudcrabs added the family cat to protect them

"I made this for my kids when they were little", modder NoUsernamesNotTaken writes in the description. "They liked to play but were terrified of...

Morrowind Rebirth mod celebrates 10 years of huge updates with a huge update

Morrowind Rebirth began as a project intended to reinvigorate longtime players of Morrowind by changing up the layout of major locations, but over time...

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