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Save $300 on this 1440p 240Hz Alienware gaming monitor bang on PC gaming’s sweet spot

There aren't many manufacturers like Dell in this world. Its more sober lines are home to some reliable office mainstays, while its Alienware brand...

Finally, a great reason for RGB lighting: helping deaf gamers stay in the fight

This gaming audio tool turns in-game sound cues into visible lighting surrounding your gaming monitor. Built by Airdrop Gaming, Audio Radar aims to make...

Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor review

Unlike most PC components, monitor tech used to progress gradually. Not any longer. Just a few years ago, it would have been hard to...

Gigabyte is launching a tricked out 43-inch quantum dot 4K gaming display

At what point does a gaming monitor morph into a TV? Technically, when there's a TV tuner built into it. That aside, however, Gigabyte...

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