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Laptop RTX 3070 GPU spotted inside a desktop graphics card, and of course it’s for mining crypto

Here's a curious case of a GPU switcheroo. There are RTX 3070 graphics cards up for sale in Asia with mobile RTX 3070 chips...

Intel’s new mining chip should tempt miners away from gaming GPUs

Last month, Intel laid out plans to enter the cryptocurrency mining space. A blog post from the company's Raja Koduri mentioned an upcoming application-specific...

Cryptominers’ $9.5M sea utopia foiled by actual risk of bio shock

Imagine a utopia where cryptominers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and investors alike could be free to live, far from the ever imposing reach of mankind's laws....

Nvidia’s boosting supply of the GTX 1650 for gaming PCs. Lucky us

Worldwide graphics card supply is a big ol' dumpster fire right now, and is likely to be the same for the foreseeable future. So...

Bitcoin mining company boasts $30 million spend on Nvidia CMP GPUs

It looks like Nvidia has found at least one buyer for its recently announced Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) graphics cards. An order worth $30...

Nvidia may be about to launch a $3,000 GPU that puts the RTX 3090 in the shade

The current cryptocurrency rumour de jour has Nvidia potentially pulling the GA100 GPU from its most expensive Ampere graphics card, the Nvidia A100, and...

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