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Wednesday, April 10, 2024
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Microsoft Flight Simulator

This $20,000 Microsoft Flight Simulator rig is more expensive than some real planes

Nvidia's modding team, known as GeForce Garage, has put together an irresponsibly large and immersive Microsoft Flight Sim rig that may only be rivaled...

Dress up your plane like a pizza with this free, silly Microsoft Flight Simulator livery

You may not have known this, but today, February 9, is National Pizza Day. I'm not making that up: It's included in Wikipedia's "List...

Microsoft Flight Simulator will get official VR support later this month

Microsoft Flight Simulator seems like the perfect game for virtual reality, and it's something fans have been begging for since announcement. So it's welcome...

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s USA update makes America seem like somewhere you might want to go

The second world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is live now, and it brings a variety of visual improvements to an obscure foreign country...

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