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This Sonic the Hedgehog-themed ‘gaming kit’ has gotta go fast into the trash

When PC Gamer senior editor Wes Fenlon pointed out that Walmart is selling a Sonic The Hedgehog-themed 3-in-1 gaming kit, I felt obligated as...

These ‘blurple’ Discord keyboards look cooler than they have any right to

As someone who typed on blank keycaps for years in a cheesy attempt to impress people, I know a little something about keyboards as...

This joker makes actively hostile keyboards and has no plans to stop

Foone Turing, better known as Foone on Twitter, thinks keyboards are too normal. If keyboards had difficulty sliders, Foone wants to max them out...

Razer’s new compact wireless BlackWidow is super cute but pricey

Razer has just pulled up with the new Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed release. It's a compact wireless follow on from its first wireless...

Razer’s new analog keyboard has launched, but it’s not everything we hoped it would be

At a glance, it would be easy to mistake Razer's Huntsman V2 Analog for the Huntsman Elite, one of the best gaming keyboards with...

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