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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Former Dragon Age boss Mark Darrah returns to work on Dreadwolf

A VentureBeat report says former Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah, who left BioWare along with general manager Casey Hudson in December 2020, has...

I’m excited that BioWare is ‘trying something new’ with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but for the love of god actually tell us something

Following the purported Dragon Age: Dreadwolf leak from a few weeks ago, I was hoping that BioWare might consider spilling the beans, maybe even...

Purported Dragon Age: Dreadwolf leak shows actionized combat in a part of Thedas we’ve never seen before

On February 4, a Reddit user by the name revanchisto shared purported screenshots and a brief gameplay clip of Bioware's upcoming Dragon Age sequel,...

I’m psyched for Dragon Age: Absolution, I just hope it doesn’t steal Tevinter’s thunder

After the excellence of Netflix's Castlevania series, the triumph of Arcane, and even The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf being a lively indulgence, I'm...

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