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Broforce is coming back for one last job, will probably punch Satan

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The action-fueled bros of Broforce are coming back for one last ride, with one of 2014’s best indies posting an announcement that a new update, Broforce Forever, will hit in early 2023. All we truly know so far is that it will contain “New Bros, New Missions, New Freedoms.”

In a teaser trailer posted to YouTube by publisher Devolver Digital, an array of Broforce’s top Bros appear to be fighting the devil, Satan himself, and though many are defeated some pull through: And counterattack to defeat him by flexing their rippling muscles.

Not really that much of a surprise if you’re familiar with Broforce, frankly.

Broforce released in 2014 to Steam Early Access before explosively reaching full release in 2015. It’s an action-comedy game about a team of extremely hardcore action movie parody operatives that the evil enemies of Freedom in singleplayer, bro-operative, and pvp gameplay. It’s an extremely wild run and gun sidescrolling shooter where teamkilling is extremely common, but also hilarious. It also received a lot of updates post-release, all of them free, and apparently developers Free Lives were not done yet.

Plus, you can be “Bronan the Brobarian” which is a joke that has stuck with me for quite a long time at this point. It’s otherwise rife with madness, as every piece of terrain can be destroyed and every barrel is red, which I think you understand what I mean by that but if you don’t understand it’s that the barrels blow up big time.

If you love 80s and 90s action movies, frankly, you owe it to yourself to play Broforce. It’s the video game equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers clasping hands. You can find Broforce on GOG, Steam, and probably a bunch of other places that didn’t show up when I searched for where to buy it.

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