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The best LMGs for Warzone

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Warzone LMGs can utterly destroy the competition when done right. With a couple attachments and a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll have an absolute cracker of a gun, stocked with a hefty magazine capacity and enough stopping power to make your opponent go “oh wow, that’s a lot of stopping power”. 

Maybe you’re using the best SMG in Warzone, but don’t have a clue how to make up for the range deficiency a lot of those speedy weapons have to deal with. Well, you’re in luck. 

Here are the best LMGs in Warzone, ranked in tier list format, for your perusal and enjoyment. I do hope you have as much fun learning all about the marvels of long-ranged combat in Verdansk as I had writing about the marvels of long-ranged combat in Verdansk.

S-Tier – The Best Warzone LMGs

Stoner 63

For a classic, no-nonsense light machine gun, you really can’t go wrong with the Stoner 63. The best Stoner 63 loadouts involve you beefing up its accuracy big-time and basically having a laser-beam rifle at ranges you shouldn’t be taking engagements at. Down some enemies and close the distance with an SMG (or get your squadmates to do so) and you’ll have a pretty decent time.

Bruen Mk9

Ah, the Bruen. Remember when this old thing was the height of the Warzone meta? Well, what if I told you it still is? With the 60 Round Mag attachment, the Bruen performs like one of those Warzone Assault Rifles you’ve heard so much about, so if you’re feeling up to it you might as well give the Bruen a shot. There’s even a handy guide on the best Warzone Bruen Mk9 loadout right here on PC Gamer, so take a little look-see!

A-Tier – Strong Warzone LMGs


New weapons keep getting added to Modern Warfare, and the RAAL is the latest one to take a place in Warzone. It’s well worth giving a try too, as it has access to some pretty cool unique attachments no other weapons have. Check out our best RAAL MG loadouts for more information.

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The PKM has been a great LMG since the dawn of Warzone. Bung some recoil-reducing attachments on the thing, get a nice scope on it, and you have a ready-made loadout that never needs changing. The devs rarely change guns like this too, so if you’re looking for a classic LMG with no bells and whistles, the PKM is for you.


Honestly, it’s the same story with the RPD as with the PKM – the only real differences come with personal preference. I personally favour the PKM just because it’s from Modern Warfare and I played Warzone through those days, but the RPD offers just as much utility as a no-frills LMG.

B-Tier – Reliable Warzone LMGs


What if you want frills, though? What if bells and whistles are your cup of tea? The FiNN LMG is the one for you then. With its Adverse barrel attachments boosting the fire rate of this weapon massively, it can get a seriously scary time-to-kill, provided you can deal with the recoil problems that come with the faster fire rate. Take a look at Morgan’s best FiNN LMG loadouts if you really want to master this piece of kit.

MG 82

The MG 82 had to be nerfed pretty sharpish when it was added to Warzone, as it really did embarrass a lot of its competition. Thankfully though, it wasn’t completely ruined. The MG 82 is still well worth a shot, as it offers nice accuracy with a solid time-to-kill. It’s something of an old reliable, and in Verdansk that’s often what you want. Take a look at some of the best MG 82 Warzone loadouts if you want to get a little better with it.


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