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Apex Legends: Where to find all the white ravens

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If you want to complete Season 10’s Bloodhound lore quest then you’ll need to be on the lookout for some Apex Legends white ravens. The Bloodhound Old Ways, New Dawn quest is part of the new Apex Chronicles. You’ll be able to track your progress throughout the season by using the View Story Tracker in the events tab. 

There are several white ravens to find throughout World’s Edge and completing the questline will net you some Bloodhound Apex Packs and Battle Pass stars. There are a few more weeks to go before Season 10 concludes on November 2, so there’s plenty of time to find the ravens and claim your loot.

Where to find the Apex Legends white ravens 

As this is a Bloodhound questline, naturally you’ll need to be playing as Bloodhound to access it. The passive tracking ability will help you find clues and objectives as you progress through the quest, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. It’s a good idea to play with pals so you can definitely choose Bloodhound in each match, too, so round them up before you jump in.

To find the first white raven, queue for a regular match in World’s Edge. Land at the Lava Siphon to spot the first raven, who will be highlighted by a yellow icon on the map and minimap. Interact with it to unlock the second stage of the quest called Chapter 1: Old Ways. You’ll immediately notice that footprints will be visible after the bird flies away, so follow the trail to find the next raven. Its location is randomised each time, so keep your eyes peeled for footprints.

In Chapter 2: Cold Tracks, you’ll be able to find the third raven between Skyhook and Landslide—a yellow raven icon and ring will once again be visible on your map. Once you’ve found the bird, interact with it then watch for footprints appearing, which will lead to the Epicenter. There are a few ways you’ll be led there, so keep an eye out for enemy Bloodhounds and other foes. Interact with the Raven and you’ll get some more lore about Bloodhound.

Next is Chapter 3: Dying Embers. There are three ravens to track this time. The first will be located in the Epicenter, again by a ring and an icon. Interact with it and it will fly away, revealing tracks that lead through the Climatizer to a nearby campfire. Interact with it again and you’ll be led to a wall in the northeast of World’s Edge. The path varies slightly for this section, so you may follow a different route to that of your pals. Interact with the bird a final time to unlock the last stage.

You’re off to the Firing Range to complete Chapter 4: New Dawn. You need to get to the aircraft pad and call for a dropship. Approach the dropship and you’ll be teleported inside and taken to World’s Edge. After that, follow the path and button prompts to complete the quest before being taken back to the lobby. You’ll get three Bloodhound Apex Packs for your trouble.

Needless to say, you can complete this over several matches, so don’t worry if you get taken out after the first section.

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