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Apex Legends enters the ring for this week’s Fight Night collection event

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Drop your guns and put up your dukes, because Apex Legends‘ Fight Night Collection Event kicks off this week with 24 new cosmetics, a limited-time ‘Airdrop Escalation’ mode, friendly loot-gifting robots and a round of fisticuffs courtesy of Pathfinders Town Takeover.

Following a bout of leaks last month, Respawn laid the groundwork for the collection event with a new Stories from the Outlands animated short—a noire-soaked thriller that sees Apex’s resident murderbot caught up in a conspiracy of criminal capers and dirty dishes.

Tomorrow at 8pm PT / 4am GMT, Apex rings the bell on Fight Night itself. Headlining the show is the addition of a whopping great boxing stadium on Olympus as part of Pathfinder’s Town Takeover. Guns, grenades and abilities can’t be used within the ring – but you’re also safe from any violent spectators while you duke it out over punchable balls of loot.

Fight Night also introduces a new LTM, ”Airdrop Escalation’, which massively ramps up the number of supply drops plummeting in over the course of a match. Rather than launching as its own playlist Respawn is introducing this mode as a “takeover” of the regular battle royale mode.

A welcome throwback to Titanfall 2, tomorrow’s update also adds MRVN robots to Olympus’ streets. Give ’em a high five, and they’ll hand over loot, with the rarity determined by the face displayed on their television chests.

Being a Collection Event, Fight Night also adds a bunch of new cosmetics. There’s some stellar future fashion going on in this season’s catalogue, with slick art-deco getups, grubby pulp detective looks, and weapon skins that wouldn’t look out of place in Prey‘s lavish suites. It’s Gibraltar’s turn for a new heirloom too, with a toasty ice-pick available for folks who manage to snag all 24 event cosmetics.

Finally, the update fixes a few bugs and introduces some welcome quality-of-life improvements—including a new hotkey for ultimate accelerants and a long-overdue “clear all pings” button. You can check out the full patch notes and more event deets over on Respawn’s Fight Night Collection Event page.

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