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The next Witcher and Cyberpunk games will have multiplayer

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Though The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is known as one of the best singleplayer games of all time, the next Witcher game could feasibly one of the best multiplayer. CD Projekt Red is making some announcements today and one thing we didn’t expect to see was that it announced that going forward there will be multiplayer elements to most of their games. What that means is still slightly mysterious: but it definitely involves The Witcher. 

In an image tweet CD Projekt Red showed both Ciri and Geralt with the caption “Introducing multiplayer to most of our new games to enrich the single-player experience”. So looks like there will be some multiplayer element to the next Witcher but how deep that goes is yet to be uncovered. 

I have a few theories right now. The first is that Gwent and minigames within The Witcher 4 could have a multiplayer element to it. It’s not impossible that the NPCs you play against could actually just be other people which would be a smooth way to incorporate the two together while not breaking immersion.

pic.twitter.com/a87NWyGsYiOctober 4, 2022

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But what might be more interesting is a co-op element where you could be joined by other Witchers on your missions. Raids on monster nests or big missions might be aided by other players but that would be a far more involved experience. Or maybe it’s an entirely different part of the game that is separate in story and scope to the RPG. Who bloomin’ knows but any one of these would be a neat addition to the world. 

The implication of the tweet is that it’s not only The Witcher, and that Cyberpunk will also have multiplayer elements in the future. That’s easier, at least for me, to imagine. There are enough weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 to make its own pvp shooter after alland, before the game’s launch woes saw it cancelled, a multiplayer mode was in development.

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