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Where to find the early minikits in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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Minikits are one of many collectables available in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga which let you build all new vehicles. You can unlock certain vehicles by entering codes, but building your own little ship is way more fun. They’re micro builds, so you’re building and using them for fun rather than serving a specific purpose, but they’re worth collecting nonetheless. With that in mind, let’s take a look at where to find and build all the minikits in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Episodes 1-2. 

Lego Star Wars Minikits: Where to find the early collectibles 

There are minikits hidden in every episode, often during special sections and chase scenes, such as fleeing from the giant fish on the way to the Gungan city. They’re very easy to spot for the most part and you’ll be able to collect them by shooting them, driving into them or destroying particular bots with weapons to find them. 

Episode 1 minikits

A bigger fish: Minikit pieces can be found during the chase scene, floating in little bubbles. To collect them all, shoot the bubbles containing the pieces while dodging attacks. 

Boonta Eve classic: You’ll see on the race map some red markers, so follow these paths to find minikits. To collect them, simply drive into them.

Better call Maul: At the very start of the level you’ll see vents you can use the force on to get up in the air and claim the first Minikit. To get the second one, you must find and destroy five cleaner droids, which look like big circular Roombas. The third can be found by destroying some equipment on the edge of the upper platform then building buttons in their place when prompted. You’ll then need to get two crates and put them on two of the buttons, with you and your other characters standing on the other two. The platform will then rise and you’ll get the minikit. 

In Freeplay, head to the broken bridge section then use the force to place a crate in the gap. You can then reach a trapdoor hiding a minikit. The final minikit can be found by dangling off the edge of the circular hole in the middle of the room during the final fight. Use Qui Gon Jinn for a final bit of glory before, you know…

Outmanned but not out Gungan-ed: To get all five minikits, you’ll need to destroy five probe droids flying around the battlefield and use the Breaker Blaster on the glowing cracked wall. If you haven’t acquired scavenger tools yet, you won’t be able to unlock all five pieces yet. You’ll also need to complete the building of the green sculpture using the force, throw a grenade at a large silver brick and also destroy a gold brick.

Now this is podracing: These last five are quite tricky to get. You’ll need to destroy four large antennas dotted around the ship, as well as four Vulture Droids zipping around and then head inside the ship. Once inside, destroy 10 MTT and four B1 Battle Droids to unlock a further two minikits. The final can only be accessed in Freeplay and winning gold in the race. 

Episode 2 minikits

A wrestle with Wessel: When chasing the assassin’s ship, you’ll be able to shoot down five minikits by destroying drones and minikit holograms, driving through larger holograms and shooting down hoardings. 

The hunt for Jango: When searching for Jango Fett amongst the asteroids, you can shoot minikit-shaped asteroids to get them, as well as find them in glowing blue bubbles on the underside of the larger asteroid you can fly into. There are also five satellites around the asteroid field you’ll need to destroy to unlock another minikit, with another two being found near the satellites and inside the tunnel Jango escapes into respectively. 

Droid factory frenzy: When you drop down to the first conveyor belt, you’ll see a minikit dead ahead, which you can reach by climbing the crusher machine and jumping to reach it. Another minikit can be found after you drop down to the next conveyer belt, to the left above a furnace. 

When playing as the droids, you’ll be able to get the third minikit being carried above you by a machine, so hit the glowing blue target on the machine and it’ll drop down for you to grab. Then, jump on the conveyer belt to the right, jump over the platform then go back to the belt on the left. You’ll need to jump over a gap then destroy the barricade ahead to reach the next minikit, then destroy an ugly painting to get it.

Finally, once Padme and Anakin remove the energy shield, switch your character back to the droids and jump onto the conveyor belt. There will be another barricade ahead, so destroy it and pull the minikit out from the strange-looking vehicle/machine thing.

Petranaki Panic: There are five Lego sandcastles to destroy, so keep your eye out for the little red flags to unlock a minikit. You can also use the Breaker Blaster on a glowing door to find a second minikit. In Freeplay, switch to a villain and then throw a grenade at the iron gate in the south to get your third minikit for the area. There’s also a glowing green panel on the right of the gate you can destroy using another grenade, before reconstructing a turret. You’ll then be able to see the glowing green target, so shoot all five to get another minikit.

Finally, head to the west side of the arena and destroy the iron gate to get the last minikit. 

The Battle of the Jedi: As soon as you enter the first room, you’ll see an X on the wall you can use the Net Launcher on. Climb up and swing on the rod to get your first minikit. The next minikit can be found on the left bend and you’ll see a golden brick that can be destroyed using a Bounty Hunter character. Smash it and get another minikit.

Keep going until you enter the dark cave and climb the stairs. On your right, you’ll see a cracked wall you can use the Breaker Blaster on, so go ahead and destroy it to get the minikit inside behind it. Once you’ve caught up to Count Dooku, you’ll enter an oval-ish shaped area with crates on the right. Destroy those to get the minikit. In the same area, you’ll find a console with an easy puzzle to solve. Once solved, four Geonosians will appear and you need to defeat them to get the last minikit.

How to use minikits 

At the end of a level or sequence, you’ll get a tally of how many minikits you unlocked. If you unlock them all, the mini ship will autobuild and will be yours to keep and use whenever you like.

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