3D Product Configurator For Ecommerce – Its Major Benefits


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Up until now, online shopping was dependent on visuals, user reviews, and occasional videos. The amazing advancements in 3D visualization technology have made it clear that photos and videos are not enough.

Customers want greater control over the products while manufacturers don’t want to waste their money on unsold stock. The web-based product configurator allows customers to interact in real-time with the product and allow them to personalize it to their liking.

What’s A 3D Configurator?

3D Product Configurator is an interactive tool that lets your customers and clients customize their products to suit their needs. 3D product configurators stand out from all other customization tools because they enable customers to make changes at any time.

An online configurator allows customers to choose custom options, colors, and textures. This saves both production time and reduces waste. However, we will discuss the benefits of the online configurator in detail below.

Why Are 3D Product Configurators Good For Ecommerce?

We’ve briefly discussed some of the many benefits that are associated with product configurations. The good news, There are so many benefits associated with 3D configuration technology. We’ll be in-depth discussing them all below. Here are some reasons to use product configurators on an e-commerce website.

It Enhances Customer Engagement

Customers will be more engaged with you if you use 3D product configurators. The most obvious is that customers can engage with your site in a completely new manner. Because they can have more control over their purchases, they will be attracted to your service.

3D product configurators subtly make your customers spend more time on your site. Customers will spend more time playing with settings and textures if you have more customization options.

Product Configurator Enhances Customer Experience And Satisfaction

How many times has it happened that you bought a gorgeous product and waited for it in the mail? When it arrives, you put it on, and it suddenly doesn’t fit. Or the texture is wrong.

This will ruin the shopping experience of your customers. This could result in customers leaving negative reviews and scaring away potential customers. Clients can learn more about your product and services by customizing them.

It Shortens The Sales Cycle

The sale cycle describes the time from when your customer learns about the product to when they convert into paying customers. Customers don’t usually buy anything right away. There are several stages in the sales funnel.

If you use 3D product configurators for your e-commerce site, they will learn more about the product or your service by just playing with different options. This means that you won’t need to use other marketing methods or push videos and emails to convert cold leads to hot prospects.

Product Configurators Lower Return Rates

It is possible to reuse and sell the products as normal, or as B-stock, for some companies. But what about if you are selling makeup or other items that need to be discarded after opening? Because it is ethical and increases customer loyalty, you should still offer a good return policy.

Customers can present their products with greater accuracy using 3D configurators. Additionally, they can choose to get exactly what they want. This won’t eliminate returns but it will significantly reduce them.

Enhanced Market: It Tracks Customer Behavior

Every ecommerce owner knows that knowing your customers inside and out is the key to running a successful store. Like any other online tool product configurators encourage different actions on the website that you can track and analyze.

Let’s say you sell furniture. You sold 300 identical units. You can see which customization options were most popular and which weren’t. You can then use this information to optimize your future campaigns, determine the product versions you want to include in ads, and improve your offer overall.


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