What Exactly Is A Split System Air Conditioner?


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A split air conditioner is made up of two major components: an exterior compressor and an internal air outlet unit. Split air conditioners, as opposed to systems that require a network of ductwork networked across the ceiling, rely on a set of pipes to link the outside to the inside air unit, which is why they are referred to as ductless mini-split air conditioner installation. Refrigerant is distributed through copper pipes that cycle through the system to produce either hot or chilled air.

If it’s time to install a new ac unit or replace an outdated system with a more energy-efficient system, here’s an energy-efficient choice to consider. The split air conditioner system is one of the most prevalent air conditioning systems that work well in houses without ductwork as an addition to your present heating and cooling system, and here’s why.

Advantages Of A Split Air Conditioner Unit

If you don’t have ductwork in your house, a split air conditioner is a smart alternative since you won’t have to pay for ducting in every room.

The single system provides enough heating or cooling inside a limited area. Using it in conjunction with other sources might help to make your house more comfortable.

The ability to expand the system with extra air outlets for other rooms is a significant advantage of split air conditioning systems. Each has its thermostat, allowing for independent control of turning on and off as needed, often known as a multi-split air conditioner installation.

The copper tubing connecting the outside compressor to each air outlet is the only extra installation required for more air outlets.

Choosing An Air Conditioner Split

Split air conditioning systems can be purchased via a private air conditioning firm, a merchant that solely sells air conditioning systems, a retailer such as a department store or home improvement store, or online. Before signing on the dotted line, be sure you have all of the relevant size information.

Choosing the proper size split air conditioning unit is an important step in the purchasing process. This is when you require the assistance of a specialist.

Instead of hiring a professional licensed contractor, you may measure each area yourself. Take the information to the merchant where you plan to buy the unit and have their expert employees guide you on how to install a new AC system.

Whichever alternative you choose, choosing the proper size unit can save you money on a system that will not run efficiently, keep your house comfortable, or raise your electricity costs excessively.

Once your contractor or retail specialist has determined the proper size unit to heat and cool your house, spend a few minutes researching the energy efficiency of all of the units you’re considering.

Installation Of A Split Air Conditioner

One thing to remember is that your new ductless split air conditioning system must be properly installed. Three things can happen if it is not correctly fitted.

  • For starters, the system will not be heating or cooling at full capacity.
  • Second, because it is inefficient, you will see a rise in your power bill.
  • Third, like with other appliances, if it isn’t performing as it should, the increased stress will shorten the life of the split air system.

Defending Your Investment

The bottom line is to safeguard your investment by having the installation done by a professional contractor or an authorized representative from a business or merchant. In most, if not all, circumstances, attempting to do it yourself or hiring a non-licensed individual to handle the job may void the warranty for the air conditioning system. A void warranty will not help you if the system fails or malfunctions. Hire a licensed professional with experience to install the system from the beginning.

Other Factors To Consider

Keep in mind that the installer will be dealing with a refrigerant. They may be required to get a refrigerant license, which certifies that they are competent to handle, install, remove, or dispose of the substance.

A split air conditioning system for Mitsubishi heavy industries may be more expensive than a standard HVAC system, but it has been shown to be a more cost-effective solution for houses without ducting. When combined with other means of heating or cooling, such as portable or window air conditioners, space heaters, or oil heaters, it can improve your home’s comfort while keeping your monthly power expense low.


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