5 Things You Should Do If Your Website Traffic Has Dropped Suddenly


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Sometimes you might notice a sudden drop in traffic to your website. These things can happen, but you don’t have to be worried. Any SEO agency will tell you that a drop in traffic should not be ignored. It is important to monitor your Google Analytics to determine if the traffic drop is seasonal, festive, or more serious.

You should make sure you fix the problems that are causing traffic to your website to drop dramatically. These are five things you need to do if your website traffic is dropping without warning.

1. Modifications to your website

It will negatively impact your search engine optimization if you make major changes to your website such as a migration to a different platform, redesigning the site’s look and feel, or clearing out content. These actions can impact the indexation and crawlability of your website.

Search Console can find crawl errors. Examine the graph to see if traffic fell after changes. Google Search Console tracks broken links.

2. Infringing Google’s webmaster quality guidelines

Google employs human reviewers to determine if websites violate the quality guidelines. You will be punished if you do. These are just a few of the things that violate Google’s guidelines.

Spam generated by users Your site will suffer if it allows users to create content that contains spammy links. This problem can be easily fixed by moderating user comments and using the reCAPTCHA plugin.

Unnatural links: You will be penalized if your website has unnatural or sneaky links such as through link exchanges or paid links. It is important that outgoing links from your site do not link to unknown sites or are not disguised. To get your traffic back and improve search engine rankings, you will need to remove such links.

Plagiarized Content: Google will penalize you for copying content from other websites or pages. This affects organic traffic. This is true even if your content is useless to visitors or your business. Check for duplicate content on your website. Your audience needs valuable content.

3. Google algorithm update

Google is constantly updating and changing its algorithms. You can find more information about the core updates online. You may not be aware of niche-specific updates by tech giants. It is important to monitor your website’s SERPs for the keywords you choose.

4. Lost backlinks

Losing high-quality backlinks can adversely impact your site’s ranking and traffic. Find the best SEO agency to examine the backlinks your site has lost.

Once an SEO agency has identified the links that have been lost, they will contact the site owners to make sure your website gets those links back. This will increase your SEO agency’s rankings and ensure that your traffic returns.

5. Concurrence

You may lose traffic or rank due to competition. In such cases, it is a good idea to have your SEO agency reverse engineer the most popular pages to determine where your web pages are weak.

Your website’s weaknesses can be identified and fixed. This helps regain traffic. If your competitors run PPC campaigns for keywords you rank highly for, they’ll steal your traffic. Bid higher than competitors on keywords to get targeted visitors.


There are a few things you can do if your website traffic drops. First, make sure your website looks good on all devices. You can customize your website for any device or browser online. Change your content, keywords, and advertising to increase traffic. Contact a website design Denver company if all else fails.


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